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Maybe I'm going into tank mode, but sadly Boylan just looks like he is

Boylan tried so hard to blow that game. I mean, he was really gunning for it. He even went 4 guards (Hinrich, Gordon, Hughes, Thabo) at one point.

In the meantime, the 24 point halftime lead went down to nine, but the Bulls hit some open threes and it soon ballooned back. Somewhere Boylan's writing that lineup on a napkin and saving it for later games. To him, he probably thinks it 'worked'.

Sadly, while in attendance watching the lead dwindle, I kindof wanted to see yet another spectacular collapse, with this being the greatest of all: biggest lead, biggest instance of Boylan incompetence.
Not only to give up the playoff quest, but in such a way that emphasized, yet again, just how bad Boylan is. I mean each timeout the Bulls came back smaller, it was comical.

What isn't as funny though is the fact that he can still not play Tyrus and Noah. This may be Paxson's greatest offense, that he can hire this goof on an interim basis and let him bury these guys while in a lost season. Thomas with 7 minutes and Noah with 20, none each in the 4th quarter.