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Open Game Thread #66: Bulls at New Orleans Hornets


Usually, as this season has progressed (or digressed), by each next game I'm back on the horse. That Sixers loss did me in though, like the Washington one should've.

Would a win on the road over New Orleans make up for collapsing at home? Meh, maybe, but I've finally learned that it'll only mean we're just that much closer to seeing the next Boylan-led debacle. No thanks.

The Hornets are hurting, and David West may not play. They did play yesterday afternoon in Detroit, which supposedly, with real NBA teams, helps.

Commenter paxson43 emailed me noting that tonight is green jersey night in celebration of St. Patrick's day, and last season's outing in the green was a destruction of the Celtics featuring Tyrus Thomas going bananas with many an alley-oop.

Fast forward a year, and I'm pretty sure the Bulls released Thomas, I'm now looking to sell my upcoming tickets against the Celtics, and Ty-3 watch is in full effect. He bled once in a game, you know.