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Don't worry my man Sam, there's always blogs

Sure, it's all fun and games when Tribune Company cuts are portrayed on 'The Wire', or causes rampant speculation (and in the case of the Sun-Times, unintentionally hilarious idiocy) speculating on the fate of the Cubs and Wrigley Field.

Not so much when it hits this close to home:

Paper cuts: Business columnist Bill Barnhart, real estate columnist Mary Umberger, City Hall reporter Gary Washburn, travel writer Alan Solomon and basketball expert Sam Smith are among 25 veteran Chicago Tribune writers and editors to take voluntary buyouts, costing the newsroom centuries of experience but sparing it further layoffs in this round of cutbacks.

The exits are part of a plan announced in February to eliminate about 100 jobs throughout the paper, or about 3.5 percent of its overall workforce, as parent Tribune Co. responds to revenue declines by shedding at least 400 or 500 positions by the end of this month.

The blogging headline is meant as a slight dig, but if Sam wants to keep musing and providing trade proposals, I think it'd be a great outlet.

This also could explain why Sam's gotten all mushy this season regarding Tyrus Thomas.

(hat tip to my Mom, who correctly guessed I didn't read the Sunday business section)