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Head Saboteur

The Bulls trumped their 2nd half collapse against Washington a couple weeks ago by doing the same in only one quarter. An 18 point lead, just gone. They gave up 40 points in the quarter.

Boylan's miffed, of course:

Giving up 40 points in the fourth quarter at home is unacceptable, We need to address that. We haven't been successful playing with the lead all season. We've given up quite a few leads, and obviously it cost us...Once it was sliding downhill, it seemed there was no way to stop it.

And this is the topper:

For us, it seems to be that we have success and a formula that we are using, and suddenly we get away from it.

Hey Jimmy: just like against Washington, you went away from it, you ass (and like after that Washington game I'll resort to name-calling).

The same exact thing happened: Bulls big a huge lead, and inexplicably decide that 'normal' frontcourts are out of season. So it's Gooden/Noc, and Gooden/Deng for the rest of the game.

That's it. That's the game.

Boylan has no shotblocking and deficient rebounding, and wonders how they gave up 40 points. I'm sure he's determined it's something effort-based.

I mean, holy crap, Noah didn't play the last 15 minutes of the game, and Tyrus (who was awful on offense but was protecting the rim) the last 9. He had Gooden at center, and Nocioni or Deng at power forward. THE WHOLE TIME THE LEAD WAS FALLING APART.

I can't believe how demoralizing this one was. It's such a big difference in mindset going the rest of the way knowing that the coach is sabotaging the team, and they have no shot at the 7th seed.

Usually I can come up with some reason to trick myself into caring...but after that Washington loss it was confirmed that Boylan's a joke and I should've just stuck to that. This team's going to get rolled in a playoff series with him at the helm, so maybe missing the playoffs is worth it just so I don't have to even read speculation that he may be retained.

What a waste.