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8th's not enough

After a pleasantly surprising 2-2 stretch that could've easily gone 0-4, the Bulls are now only a half-game out of the 8th playoff seed.

But unfortunately during that time the Sixers have stayed hot, and as a 7th seed they're now 4.5 games ahead entering into Friday's game.

And looking at the differences between when the Bulls play Boston and when they play the Pistons, the 7th seed is a much much better matchup. Not that I think Boston is that much better than the Pistons, but they're certainly less likely to ease up or implode, two staples of the 'talk like we've won 4 titles' Pistons.

I don't think the Bulls have a chance to beat either in a 7 game series, as to do so they'd have a very small margin for error, and that margin is obliterated by Boylan. However I'd certainly feel better watching a competitive and likely animosity-filled series against Detroit, whereas the Bulls seem willing to roll over against Boston. Sure, it's about winning, so neither matchup is appealing, but if I'm going to watch a quick playoff exit I'd at least want it to be fun. And if the Bulls get to that 7th seed we can trick ourselves into believing the regular season record against the Pistons actually means something...