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Open Game Thread #64: Bulls vs Utah Jazz

Thabo's back tonight, although he'll surely be in 'earn your way' mode. Which makes sense, even if it hasn't made sense in other cases.

The Jazz are oddly bad (14-19) on the road, so there's hope. Despite their Sloan-ness, they are only average defensively, although because of their Sloan-ness, they lead the league in fouls. Luckily the Bulls can handle a high-octane offense, and on that end themselves they're full of strong-willed-and-bodied slashers and finishers. Uh...

My handy newsletter lists Kirilenko as day-to-day and the Jazz starting 3 guards in Deron Williams, C.J. Miles, and Thabo-draft-contemporary Ronnie Brewer.  Resist the temptation Boylan.

Below is where you and I whine about how Boylan thinks that the Gooden-Noc (nickamed "it's time") frontcourt is swell because it 'matches up' with Boozer and Okur. Something about spacing.