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Lowest point of the season: unspeakable collapse, confirmation coach indeed sucks

Jim Boylan is a rube, a boob, a farce, a fraud, a hack, a joke, and proving himself to be completely unqualified to be an NBA head coach.

'Runs' happen in the NBA, although it's rare to see a 22-1 one to open a half, and from a reeling, injured, Wiz squad.

During the first leg of that run, after the 18 point lead shrank to 8 in a little over 2 minutes, Boylan's big coaching idea was to yank Thomas and Noah. Whatever, he's in 'try something' mode. But here are his lineups for the rest of the game:


Jim Boylan hates power forwards. He didn't play a real one (in that position, anyway) the whole rest of the half. It was either Noc or Deng the rest of the way. The special added bonus of having those two in the frontcourt is plenty of 3-guard goodness as well. No official return to 'tinyball' (Hinrich/Gordon/Duhon were never in together), but especially without Thabo for the night, 'going small' was a re-embrace with another failed Skiles tactic: willing disadvantage.

And of course there's the issue with not just going 'small', but 'worse', or at least 'pointless', as Tyrus only played 9 minutes. As we all remember, according to Pax getting minutes for Tyrus was one big selling point of this trade. Giving your overmatched interim coach more ways to screw up is an unfortunate side-effect.

And Boylan's post-game remarks make things even worse. After a week of talking tough about this being an open tryout and guys having to bring their a-game or sit next to him, instead of explaining tactics he further cranks up the rhetoric:

You have to play 48 minutes every night. We embarrassed the organization and the city of Chicago. I apologize for that.
Oh, can the populist shit. To be honest when I watch this league I don't expect all-out effort at all times every night. And I don't want to see rah-rah college coach bullshit through the media, such as claiming that guys have to earn their minutes.

I do expect the coach to play the team's better players, in logical combinations, and not have the only answer to every problem being yanking Tyrus Thomas (wanna bet he's not starting next game? gotta change something, after all!). That's what I find embarrasing. I wonder if Boylan would apologize for that, if the beat writers had the sense to ask him about it.

I was almost willing to see Boylan as a full-time candidate, as it looked possible that his initial over-reliance (both on the court and off) on the likes of Wallace, Smith, and Griffin could've been demanded from Pax as a way to not kill their values before the trade deadline. But not only has Boylan denied receiving such directives, he's now managing to top that initial shit job with an even worse one. Not only in the rotations, but this annoying desire to preach through the media that he's the big man in charge, an open call to all GMs out there that his name is Jim Boylan, and dag namnit, he's a coach. Play hard for him or be benched! Or just be benched (or misused) if you're a natural frontcourt player.