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Open Game Thread #48: Bulls at Portland TrailBlazers

First, some late-breaking news: Veektor had the remainder of his contract bought out. He could've been used as an expiring contract for at least some help, drats. We may have to give up on finding Pax's cell phone charger and settle for some strings and cans. The good string too, the kind Sam Smith can't tap.

Then again, maybe they needed the roster spot for a blockbust...oh I couldn't even finish typing that.

As for tonight's game, I think the Bulls would actually be on that fast track to mediocrity if they could stay healthy. With Luol out, he's not only re-joined by Gordon, but now Hinrich as well after injuring his ribs in Monday's game.  That's trouble. At least Tyrus Thomas is back after a one-game absence. Maybe Pax cut Khryapa to make sure Boylan didn't play him over Tyrus. 

Before starting this preview I thought Gordon would be healthy, and therefore would use this space to bitch about not starting him instead of Duhon. What a shame, almost as big of a shame as watching a Duhon/Thabo backcourt all night. I suppose A-Drain is the backup.  As a cruel joke, the Blazers are unveiling a new 3-guard starting lineup tonight of Jack/Blake/Roy/Aldridge/Przybilla. I'm sure it kills Boylan (and Skiles from afar) that he doesn't have enough guards to use himself (then again, Boylan likely will play his only 3 at the same time). Think of the spacing!

This could be a really bad night. Even before the injuries I was expecting a letdown since usually after a win, and the local media reaction that tries extrapolate some miniscule success (5 minutes against the Sonics, yeesh), the Bulls usually find a way to promptly lay a big turd in the next game. But that's not due to raised expectations or complacency (and I kid about that Wallace-Gray article, something has to be written, after all. It's just frustrating to read knowing that KC Johnson still thinks Wallace is good), it's is only because they're not a good team. Especially so with these injuries.