Fratello Funnies

Gotta love national broadcasters.  Although Fratello usually does a great job (and should always be paired with Marv), here were a couple winners from tonight:

  1. Commenting that Thabo, in order to be a good point guard, needs to work on his handle.  Thabo, at best, will give this team spot minutes at the point.  He is a 2/3 with length who can get to the rim and crash the boards.  Not a primary ballhandler, not at all.
  2.  When Kirk came down to take a quick jumper on the break, Fratello mentions that Kirk wouldn't ordinarly take that shot.  Umm...he takes those shots every game.  
Don't these guys meet with the beat reporters before the game to take the pulse of the team?  If I had to hear them rehash the contracts, Skiles firing again, I'll be sick.  I know its a national broadcast, but the five non-Chicago residents that tuned into this game probably also tuned into last week's game in Golden State and heard the same thing...Sorry performance, Czar.

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