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Boylan's job interview is not going well

This was kindof buried in a Tuesday (which was Boylan day, or something) column in the Herald:

There is still plenty of time for the Bulls to make a late surge this season, which could earn Boylan the job permanently.


A recent diary here brought up the potential problems with a playoff run, and while I don't worry about the loss of only a few ping-pong balls, I am worried that Boylan will get his interim tag removed.

Setting aside the veteran caucus fiasco, punting Boylan is especially acceptable after a game like last night, where Tyrus played 8 first-half minutes while Joe Smith and Ben Wallace together in a 4:30 stretch in the 4th were -10 and put the Hornets up for good. The team scored 36 points in the 2nd half, and naturally it was blamed as 'lack of energy'.

It was unlikely that the Bulls were going to win, and it took a great effort from Nocioni (that's the guy I remember not hating) to keep them in the game in the first place. But between another night of over-reliance on the old-man frontcourt, a possession where Duhon was guarding Peja ("Duhon does good in these matchups", says Tom Dore before Peja was fouled and hit a turnaround jumper), and not only limiting time for Tyrus but putting him only at the SF spot. Too much Aaron Gray for my liking too, although a Duhon/Thabo/Tyrus/Noah/Gray lineup was fun, and unfairly criticized postgame (it went to hell only when Wallace joined the party), Aaron had no good lummox matchup, and finished in 12 minutes with 3TOs and 4 fouls.

Boylan's only the answer if the organization is too cheap to pay two real coaches at the same time. Unfortunately for Pax, he hasn't built an uber-talented coach-proof roster. They need a real one.