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Open Game Thread #51: Bulls vs. New Orleans Hornets

Your chance to scout Rasual Butler. Or pine for Tyson Chandler. Man, I miss that guy. Not in the sense where I'm constantly wishing that they didn't trade him away (there's plenty of reasons it happened, some made sense, and hindsight being 20/20 and all that), but when he was actually playing well (before he took the summer off, signed the huge contract, and spent the next season hurt and/or ineffective) he was my favorite Bull. Jannero Pargo wasn't near my favorite, because he signified that time ('Pargo time') when Skiles gave up and hoped Pargo would shoot the team back into the game. Sometimes he did, though, I'll give him that.

Hinrich's likely back, Lu and Gordon are out.  Duhon's also hurt but you'd have to think he'll play especially if Hinrich's out. So, it'll have to be a heck of a combination of  effort and luck to get a win. New Orleans is very good and completely healthy. I didn't mention them once when talking about Western Conference contenders, but that's only because of ignorance. Also, they do have a shoddy bench and are especially thin up front.

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