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Bulls 100, Nets 87: yay...

The final 4:35 of the game had a frontcourt of Hughes/Nocioni/Gray.

Now, they did win. But tough for me to get excited over it. This team is talented enough to win some games in spite of themselves. Their backcourt was brilliant, Noc and Hughes shot relatively well, New Jersey sort of fell apart near the end of the game.

I thought Tyrus was doing some good things, though he didn't play the final quarter and a half. Must've had a real unprofessional halftime. Noah did get over 30 minutes, and we know that he and Tyrus can't both play together, because Noc and Hughes and Aaron Gray need their time. I'm kidding, they don't.

I guess that one way to look at it is that they'll need this win when they're going on a late season surge after this trade that has to come. Or if you want to be down in the dumps, it'll be a sign of progress in the eyes of Vinny, and maybe we'll see a 3-guard lineup of Rose/Gordon/Hunter again because it 'worked' tonight. Choose your own boring adventure.