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Though Bulls fans keep talking about guys like Chris Kaman, I think one guy you probably can get is the 76ers’ Samuel Dalembert. He's produced better lately, at least 13 rebounds in four of the last six games, though the 76ers have lost three straight. Dalembert was something of the inspiration for Tyson Chandler's contract as Chandler's representatives held out until they went a bit better than Dalembert given the similarity of their play. The 76ers have even used rookie Marreese Speights at more crucial times and in need of perimeter shooting, a Bulls strength, perhaps there is a deal to be made? Larry Hughes and Joakim Noah? Though would you want Dalembert's two years and $25 million after this season? But that's the kind of centers more likely available.

Seems like the anwser is no, it'd be pretty crappy to take his contract for 2010. But how bout instead of Hughes one of our longer contracts.

First I dreamed up: This

Not sure they'd trade Miller but not sure he is their PG of the past this year either. They gain some shooters & take on salary next year, but they'll have to spend on a PG anyways. We might have to sweetness this more.

This seems like a solid start

I'd want more to ditch Noah, but getting rid of Noc would be great.


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