Larry Hughes complaining about playing time...again.


Is this guy serious? "I don't accept it, but I deal with it," Hughes said. When Hughes last spoke out Nov. 18 in Los Angeles, it prompted a meeting among himself, coach Vinny Del Negro and general manager John Paxson. "I've said what I needed to say," Hughes said. "Hopefully, it gets better moving forward. If it's justified, it's justified. But you can look at whatever you need to look at as far as production. I think it's in my favor. "I'm not a spot-minute guy. I don't play well in that situation. If you want me to produce, I have to be out there. I can make a difference at both ends if I play." "I've learned to dial it down offensively because of my experience, and I know what this team needs," Hughes said. "But I'm not happy with my minutes." Jeez this guy complains a lot for someone averaging over 26 minutes a night and is in no way part of the long term plan in Chicago.