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Heat 90, Bulls 77: coal in our stocking from the Bulls organization

Basically, I am happy when Noah plays a lot and plays well (didn't play enough, was ok), Thomas plays a lot and plays well (didn't play enough, did ok on offense but very good on D), Rose plays a lot and plays well (was pretty awful, but did play a lot).

Also happy to hear when the 'national perspective' is basically "why does Ben Gordon not have a secure future in Chicago when the rest of their players blow?"

But let's face it, watching this team is a chore at this point. It's completely directionless, from an organizational standpoint (though 'be profitable' is a good goal and they can certainly do that), to a single possession on the court. Nobody knows what to do, who to to play, how to play. They win because there's a lot of talent on the team, a lot of bad teams in the league. And it's not like they can even win more than they lose.

At least Luol Deng looked to hurt his ankle and not his knee. He'll likely be out a bit, which means more Noc for you and me.