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Always a process, never a plan

With Drew Gooden and Tyrus Thomas out over the weekend (and who knows how much longer), it was a welcome surprise that the Bulls were able to win at home against the Jazz. I certainly was not expecting it.

Small-ball, in general, sucks. But Vinny really had no choice in that game. (Though maybe that's how he likes it.)

But I can't help but be a bit miffed that Mr. Matchups keeps Luol Deng on the bench for the final 17 minutes of the game. This is the second time this season it's happened with Deng.

It's one thing to accept a 'rotation' where young big men are largely ignored (Noah played very well Saturday yet also sat most of the 4th and 20 minutes overall), but is Vinny so beholden to 'matchups' that he can't even play his $72m (supposed) cornerstone SF ahead Nocioni, Hughes, and Thabo?

Is it too much to ask for this team to have an organizational plan? Find out what the young players have, let your best players on the court with Rose, don't try and gimmick your way through everything? Not everything is about winning that night's game, and they haven't shown to be able to do that more than lose them anyway.

Just make a trade already, so we can retro-actively call some of this nonsense 'showcasing'. I still think it's a coach still not having any idea who to play, and a GM not wanting to give any instruction.