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Charlotte 110, Bulls 101 (OT): numbing

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This game was just so...blah. I watched while the Bulls stormed out to an early lead, let Charlotte hang around, let Charlotte take the lead, let it go into OT....and the whole time I really didn't think the Bulls would lose. The Bobcats are the type of team that blows leads all the time. Because they're bad.

But Derrick Rose picked a bad time to have his first truly bad game of the season. And I'm sure Vinny will see Noc is worthless...any game now. Yup, right around the corner, I'm sure. If Deng didn't cramp up in the 4th Vinny would've kept the Noc-Gooden frontcourt out there to close it out, even though both Thomas and Noah (mostly Thomas) played well. But instead when Deng went out Tyrus got the call down the stretch.

So at least I didn't have to see another Noc-Gooden down the stretch debacle, as Vinny respected the value of defensive rebounding for once (not so much the non-value of starting two frontcourt players who can't defend the basket, but it's early...he'll get it). But regardless of such odd coaching, Rose wasn't able to close the show, and actually did worse than not closing it out, his poor decision making and defense blew the game.

Since the Bulls are bad too, this isn't that big of a shock in retrospect. But it sort of cements reasons why there was little reason to feel good in some bad meant bad losses would certainly come. But playing Tyrus and Noah more, living/dying with Rose down the stretch...big-picture that's a positive. Now just trade some of the more turd-ish in the bunch (welcome back Larry Hughes, 1-7 on  jumping-leaners!) and lets get on with the season. This team will get better as it goes along, but it doesn't mean I can't stomp my feet until it happens.