Game #6 Preview: Chicago Bulls vs. Phoenix Suns

[ed. note, 11/07/08 3:24 PM CST:  No Shaq, No Matt Barnes for the Suns tonight.]

[Thanks to Edicus for today's game preview -ed.]

7:30 PM CST, CSN 

Record: 2-3
coached by Vinny Del Negro
2 game losing streak
Scored 94.0 points per game, Allowed 96.0 points per game

Record: 4-1
coached by Terry Porter
3 game winning streak
Scored 106.4 points per game, Allowed 98.2 points per game

Know Thy Enemy:  Bright Side Of The Sun


                                                           PROBABLE STARTERS


Steve Nash PG Derrick Rose
Raja Bell SG Thabo Sefolosha
Matt Barnes
SF Loul Deng
Amare Stoudemire PF Tyrus Thomas
Shaq C Drew Gooden

Key Matchups:

Stoudemire vs Thomas
Stoudemire is coming off a great game. He scored 49 points on 17-21 shooting.
Tyrus has been struggling this season, but has not been given consistent minutes in the past couple games. It is going to be very tough for Tyrus, who is not a very good one-on-one defender to try to stop Stoudemire.

Gooden vs Shaq
Gooden's lack of size is going to come into play big time.
Shaq has been playing decently this season averaging 12 points and 8 rebounds.
Gooden needs to pop out and hit the mid-range jumper, and make Shaq come out and follow him.

 The Burning Questions:

  • Will Hinrich/Gordon realize that Rose needs the ball in his hands at the end of the game?
  • Will VDN continue to use gimmicky line-ups?
  • Will Tyrus and Noah play substantial minutes?
  • Can the Bulls contain Stoudemire?
  • Can the Bulls end their two game skid, and beat a play-off contender?

I hope I'm wrong but my prediction is....
Suns 124
Bulls 102


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