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Quick observations of Bulls/Nuggets

Mostly unsubstantiated, since I don't have much time. And there's a game tonight anyway...

Vinny's going small way too often, and sometimes following it up with going suck. He had Rose/Gordon/Hunter/Noc/Gooden for nearly 6 minutes,  then brought back Larry Hughes and Aaron Gray to close it out. So basically re-read this post, replacing 'starting' with 'finishing'.

I thought Gordon and Rose had their best game together. It wasn't merely taking turns, there were spots when they were creating for eachother. That was neat.

It kept them in the game (plus some poor Denver FT shooting), and it's some solace that they hung around against a better team, but this Vinny thing is trending badly...and had been doing so even when they were getting wins. He brought Larry Hughes and Aaron Gray (who had a good stint earlier, but it should've been appreciated and not tested for a reappearance) back into close a game, so he actually thinks those players can be relied on.

Can Thomas and Noah be relied on? meh, not really. But, hell, they lost anyway, and we still know nothing about if they're going to get untracked this season. I already knew Nocioni couldn't set a proper screen and Gray can't defend the basket.

Maybe he's resting the young bigs knowing that more games against good teams will further destroy their confidence...saving them? or something? Or Vinny really has no plan for the season and is just throwing out whatever works. Or what he thought worked.