Are the Bulls players calling out the coaches?

WSCR's Dan Bernstein.:

Here's NBA superstar Drew Gooden on how the Bulls can improve defensively, per the Sun Times:  ''I need to do a better job and the coaches need to do a better job teaching our young guys how to defend bigger, stronger guys with quickness and the mental part of the game."
First Luol Deng calls out the coaches, and now Drew Gooden.  Nice operation they have going there.

On the radio, he and Boers are mocking this quote as yet another example of the Bulls players being turds and having no respect for Vinny.

I do agree that Drew Gooden has no place talking defense....but hadn't thought it was that bad (some here kindof liked it).

But it is kindof strange that this is indeed the second time a Bulls player has literally called out the coaches. Luol's quote was a week ago saying that they needed to alter the end-of-game offensive sets.

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