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Preseason Open Game Thread #1: Bulls vs. Dallas Mavericks

My word, the first gamethread of the season, and first time using the fancy new SBN2.0 commenting system. Welcome to the terrordome.

Noah, Ruffin, and perhaps Ben Gordon are out. Aaron Gray is in (thank goodness).

No obvious answer as to what the starting lineup will be outside of Luol Deng at SF. There's reports that Hinrich will start (of course! he's...tenured?) with Rose or Hughes. I've also read some VDN quotes that suggest that the starting frontcourt would be Gooden and Tyrus, and with Noah out that's certainly the likeliest combination.

(Lets all hope that Hughes isn't starting over Rose (or anybody). Beyond the reason that it's stupid, it'll also make me unnecessarily squeamish about a preseason game and any extrapolations I can take towards the season. Because to be fair, tonight's lineup shouldn't be of any relevance. So I hope the Bulls don't even have me considering it as sort-of possibly maybe perhaps relevant. Why tempt me?)

Crisis averted, KC reports that it's Rose/Hinrich/Deng/Thomas/Gooden

I can think of two obvious candiates for ' who to watch': Rose and Thomas. Maybe VDN will show something on a scheme-level that will be of interest, though I'm not too good at seeing such things anyway. But I really hope that Rose and Thomas put on a show, and the veterans don't look substantially worse or hurt themselves.

For all things Mavs head to MavsMoneyball.

Game starts at 7:30 CST on ComcastSportsNet. Another brand-new element of this season: the debut of new TV play-by-plan man Neil Funk!

This is an open game thread, which means that once the game is over there will be so many comments that it's best to let it burn, die and never be revisited. Lets use this preseason to work on our in-season commenting skills, civility, not-posting-huge-images, etc? alright? go!