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Bulls training camp links, with added whatever I add

Bullets are a blogger's best friend, though maybe actual media back to work is an even better friend...

  • KC Johnson had an article on Noah's rocky start to his sophomore season, what with the lack of conditioning and eye poking and all. But the first paragraph was just as scary:
    while Ron Adams walked by Joakim Noah at the Berto Center on Friday morning that the second-year big man only half-jokingly stated a simple goal for this season.

    "I just don't want to get in trouble," Noah said.

    Why is Adams still allowed near the team? That's right, 'organizational guy'. Man, if last season didn't deserve the full purge I don't know what will.

    But despite some ties to last season, it looks like the VDN experience is taking hold with Noah, who claims that he's spent more time with VDN in a month than he did with his whole time under Skiles.

  • Both KC and Mike McGraw have profiles on Drew Gooden, who is in his prime (27) and entering a contract year. While he likely isn't in the long-term plans of the team (again, 27), I think that a huge year can be mutually benefitial for both Gooden and the Bulls. He's not the ideal compliment to Tyrus and Noah, but any combination of the three should be capable (perhaps not against the hugest of opposing centers) which means that Gooden's minutes need not be at the expense of either, as he can play both PF next to Noah and Center next to Tyrus. I'd actually prefer a Gooden/Thomas starting frontcourt to begin the year. Gooden claims that he spent the offseason working on his offensive game (specifically shooting) after spending his years in Cleveland relegated to a 'hustle' player. I'll believe it when I see it, but having a frontcourt player who can actually play pick/pop with Rose is on Paxson's wish list...and I'd rather see Gooden do it than acquiring the Nenad Kristics of the world.

  • Aaron Gray, Mike Ruffin, and Ben Gordon all got their ankles done rolled.

  • Speaking of Ruffin, here's Sham:
    the Bulls need an extra centre, particularly a defensive one.....but they don't need Michael Ruffin.
  • Ridiculous Upside has a profile of all the former D-Leaguers trying to make a camp. They're particularly high on Elton Brown:
    Brown has never looked to be in great shape (though has a great big frame), and I'd assume he's more like 6'7" or 6'8", but he plays and rebounds like a legit 7 footer. He does well getting into position for rebounds and has a decent array of post moves on the offensive end. Brown played for the Nuggets Vegas Summer League team and averaged 13 points and 10 boards a contest. It'd make sense for the Bulls to give the guy his first shot in the NBA, as he brings heart and passion, not to mention a decent low-post game, to a team that lacks these qualities.
  • Former almost-coach (and technically former coach as well), Doug Collins:

    "I feel a connection with LeBron," Collins said. "We probably, in our lifetimes, haven't spent an hour together. But for some reason you connect with certain guys, and I just feel like I, through the years, connected with him. I don't want to speak for him, but from my standpoint, I felt a real connection."

    Just in case you needed a reminder that Doug Collins is a weird dude. (via BDL)

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