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Open Game Thread #2: Bulls at Boston Celtics

(Check out my A's to Celticsblog's Qs. Yes there's some Ben Gordon slurping. I'm sorry.)

I will start off, of course, with lineup whining. Same starters as opening night, says Vinny.

Not unexpected, but I really worry about opening tonight's game in a hole. The Celtics are a fantastic defensive team, a unit that will only be augmented by their home court and veteran reps with the refs. Some of those dribble-drives by Tyrus that were blocking calls on Tuesday could be charges tonight, and that changes a lot.

Another advantage for the Celtics D will be their ability to pack it in with the Bulls having no 3-point shooters in the lineup. If things start out poorly it'll be curious to see who Vinny goes with off the bench, and when.

The Bulls best chance tonight is to force turnovers (one of the very few weaknesses of Boston last season) and run run run. If their defense gets set, it's a problem.

Tonight's game is a 7pmCST, on ESPN as well as CSN. But thanks to Tom Dore's ouster, I no longer am forced to watch the national broadcast. Though if it's VanGundy team, I still may.