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Game Thread #1: Bulls vs. Milwaukee Bucks

What a way to start a season: former somewhat-despised but yet nostalgia-triggering coach now leading a division opponent. A team where things got a bit chippy to end the last preaseason game. And best yet: a very beatable opponent.


The Bucks are a historically atrocious defensive team, and while I do believe in 'the Skiles effect', I also realize it takes time to gain a foothold. Derrick Rose should absolutely eat Luke Ridnour's lunch (if Ridnour plays, he's not definite). Thomas and Noah should control the glass against Bogut, CharlieV and friends. They're at home.

But Skiles is good and Vinny is...well, we don't know. And hopefully Luol was merely coasting this preaseason, as he has a tough guard in Richard Jefferson. I'm thoroughly unconvinced that Thabo can 'disrupt' (::rolls eyes::) Redd enough to make it worth his non-existent offense.How's Ben Gordon's toe?

In terms of team production, the Bulls showed some glimpses of good but a lot of bad this preseason. But unlike then they're fully healthy (extra-healthy considering Hughes is hurt) so it's possible this is the first look at the real team. I just hope it won't be another night of rotation angst...

I'll be at the game tonight (7:30, WGN), so no game thread participation for me. This should be a great test of the flashy-awesome SBN2.0 gamethread system, stay sane and have a good one.

Go Bulls!