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Trib: VDN tells Bulls it's a Rose-Thabo backcourt

Fire Vinny!

It's over-coaching, it's silly, it makes even less sense considering how bad Thabo played all preseason after not distinguishing himself in two seasons.

But whatever. Might as well start the season not having any idea who to play, since it'll likely be a continuing mess all season anyway. Things looked up after Hughes got hurt...although, based on what we've read, it was likely Hughes was going to win that job. He is tall, haven't you heard.

In fact, I won't even believe this until I see it. But the speculation alone is not a good sign.

Can I at least ask that Gordon is the the 6th man? this is actually my biggest issue with Thabo starting, if it's a question of him vs. Kirk it's not that clear-cut of a choice, but I worry it simply indiscriminately pushes Gordon down the guard line. If they use Thabo as some lame gimmick to start halves while Gordon then takes his place, I can live with it.

Though what about first big off the bench? Will it be Noah? Thomas? If I hear "The man in the middle, from Pittsburgh...."

Paxson, this is the mess you created for your rookie coach...way to ease him into his first job. And giving me yet another season of waiting 6 minutes each half before the real team can take the floor. I had such hope for this season too, and all it took was two days of lineup speculation to regain the fear that management has no idea what they have or how to use it.

(at least we can watch Derrick Rose, at least we can watch Derrick Rose....)