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Kirk Hinrich as a starting two-guard is apparently fait accompli

TYI nails it:

sometimes reading K.C. Johnson is like watching a blind man struggling to find his keys. This piece is a hoot. It begins by explaining that, with Hughes' injury, the "organizational questions" over whether Hinrich or Hughes should start are now moot. Then--after giving us the specifics of Hughes' injury (it's 6 to 8 weeks)--K.C. frets about how poorly Hinrich is playing off the ball/Rose.

What's conspicuously missing from this picture? Only the Bulls' leading scorer over the past three seasons. It's written as if Ben Gordon doesn't exist.

Meanwhile, KC drops a nugget (his specialty) musing how Gordon's injured toe has switched feet...a remark presented not as a mistake, but like it's some kind of 'twist'.

KC, if you think he's faking it, say so. Or make up a source that says so. Or even better, use the "some observers say" gimmick.

(to be fair, Mike McGraw also picked up on the switched toe thing, but he simply reported it)

Annoying KC editorial comments aside, this toe thing has taken an especially weird direction in the past week, where it seemed as if VDN was the one being cautious. Now it's switched back to being Gordon's decision.

And perhaps Gordon figured this to be the case whether he played a couple preseason games or not: it looks like there's no chance he starts next to Rose. I can't blame VDN too much if he wanted to give his first training camp any credibility, but while Gordon may be behind on schemes and conditioning (he claims otherwise) the preseason did establish that Kirk Hinrich is not ready to play off the ball. 5-20 from three this preseason, and a lot of those have been wide-open Rose-fed looks.

So like many games in the past where the Bulls would start off purposely short-handed in order to get 'scoring punch' off the bench, they'll likely start the season with a deficient lineup too. I wonder how many games, and excuses for Hinrich's play, it'll take to get a change. 

At least Duhon's out of town.