My Observations on the Chicago Bulls Preseason


Just some notes on the Bulls, that I've noticed.

Rose-Is greatness. This kid is going to be extremely special, and is easily the most talented player on the team.

Noch-Seems to be the only player who seems to fully understand the catch and shoot offense. Float around to an open spot and Rose will find you. And you just shoot the ball.  I would even go as far to say that he should start over Deng.

Deng- Very underwhelmed by Deng. I dunno if he's just lofting til the regular season. I hope he is. Cuz as of right now it's looking like we spent 80 mil for nothing, he seems to completely disappear during games.

Thabo- He looks just flat out lost. Wanders around and that's it. Defensively he's serviceable. And he seems to play decently with Rose. But offensively he's really lacking. He needs to go the route of Duhon and learn that defenses are gonna give him the 3. He learns how to knock it down.

Hinrich- Ummmm can someone tell Hinrich that Derrick Rose has arrived? You would think he would be playing his ass for fear of his status with the team, but he appears to still be in that funk from last season. Personally he would be the player I would be shopping around for a trade.

Gray- Offensively he's pretty gifted. He has great hands, and some pretty nice moves. However if he's not posting someone up he's useless. He's always out of position. He has a hard time getting rebounds unless they hit him right in the hands. And he doesn't seem to know how to get out someone's way when they're driving.

Noah- I'm very disappointed with Noah. I was a big fan of his even while in college. But this year he seems like he has lead in his shoes. He's very slow, doesn't seem to jump, and most importantly he's not hustling out there at much. And if he's not hustling then what is he doing? He doesn't score, so he plays cuz of his defense and hustle.
I really hope he realizes this, cuz we need all the help we can get at Center.

Gooden-  Nothing special here. He's a typical 15-8 guy. He can score when he wants to, and he's not horrible on Defense. I don't like using him at Center since he's obviously overmatched. But since we're lacking big men, I guess he'll have to do.

Gordon- I would love to talk about Gordon, but what is there to talk about? He's hardly played in the pre-season. I've yet to tell how he plays with Rose or how he fits in Vinny's system. So for now Gordon gets an Incomplete.

Hughes-  Well Hughes is going to be out now due to his injury. And I don't mean any ill-will towards Hughes but it's a good thing. It's one less guard we have to play. Now in my opinion Hinrich and Hughes are on about the same level. Neither has done anything extremely special this preseason. Hughes really needs to stop chucking the ball and get back to driving. I thought that was his biggest beef in Cleveland, that he couldn't drive. Well no one is stopping him here. Why doesn't he go to the rim anymore.

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