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Bulls/Wolves preseason reaction: Larry Hughes is hurt


I admit, I may have snuck in a pump of the fist when I saw Larry Hughes crumple to the ground. It looked like a separated shoulder, and KC reports that's indeed the diagnosis.

I'm not happy that he got himself hurt, but I'm happy he is currently out...if that makes sense. I'm not the only one, apparently.

I wonder if Ben Gordon's toe, which held him out (or VDN held him out, who knows) again, now will feel better...

The irony is that this was a game where Larry's aggravating shot selection of never-consistently-released-leaner jumpshots were actually falling. So maybe it's good for Larry's ego he went out this way, as the superstar he dreams he is.

Rest of the group, in the lazy rating system I thought of before Larry Hughes got hurt:

The Rose:

  • Derrick Rose
    - After seeing Kevin Love and remembering that as a best-case draft outcome...thank you again lottery balls.

The Good:

  • Deng (first half)
    -Thought he played well off of Derrick Rose
  • Nocioni
  • Noah

The Bad:

  • Deng (second half)
    - When Rose was out and he was trying to be a #1 option...didn't look good.
  • Gray
    - Though he was asked to guard Al Jefferson, which wasn't really fair. But he's been especially bad the past two games.
  • Hinrich
  • Thabo
    -Just abysmal. He looks like he belongs in the scrub scrum with Nichols and Powell. Maybe I had it wrong by saying Nocioni should be traded and Thabo can be the backup 3. Thabo can't even be in the rotation if he's this bad, and maybe he'd help a trade get done.
  • Gooden
    - Can we stop calling him a low-post presence? Most of his offense is from jumpshots with his heels on the 3-point line.

The Hughes