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Preseason Open Game Thread #7: Bulls at Minnesota Timberwolves

So nice that we can enjoy Derrick Rose merely 24 hours after his fantastic game on Tuesday. Doubt that it'll be as good of an outing, but undoubtedly some moments will be there to remind us of the awesomeness.

The last preseason game against the Wolves featured the Bulls storming out to a huge lead under the 'leadership' of Hughes and Hinrich, and then they eventually sucked out the last 3 quarters.

The big question, as always (to me), is who's starting in the backcourt. Is Ben Gordon's toe ok? is it inversely synced up with Larry Hughes' knuckle? Can Derrick Rose please at least start?

Game starts at 7 (not 7:30) on CSN+....hopefully most of you can find.