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Bulls/Mavs preseason reaction: Derrick Rose is awesome

He should start. It's comical in every instance he hasn't, especially given this franchise's recent history of 'developing' talent, re-emphasized in the offseason when Paxson did his damndest to try and lower expectations for Rose.

Well even if there was some misguided yet good-intentioned reasoning behind Pax's turd-in-punchbowl attitude, can it officially stop now?

Derrick Rose is already the best player on the roster. He was getting to the paint at will, finishing over shotblockers and opening up shooting opportunities for teammates.  Had 30 points and 7 assists in 37 minutes, and eventually had the Mavericks gameplanning to stop him. He showed both confidence and poise. 

So any time he's not out there with first-stringers and playing against first-stringers it's aggravating. Outstanding for his part that he was able to lead (to the point of dominate) a 4th quarter comeback, but it's still time wasted seeing him sit on the bench while Larry Hughes and Kirk Hinrich put the team in to a hole to start each half.

It was almost at the point where I viewed the team as Rose, and everybody else. Either you're helping Rose, or you're taking away a shot that could be his, dropping an assist that should be his, or handling the ball when it should be his.

It's an admittedly exaggerated way to look at the team, but it's not that far off.