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Del Negro tinkers, lineup stinkers

Derrick Rose didn't start the preseason game. Played 26 minutes as opposed to Larry Hughes 31. Priorities!

Vinny said don't worry:

We're going to tinker with lineups a bit. We're trying to get healthy and find ways to get guys in shape. Don't read too much into that.

Fine, maybe you get a pass this game. Rose missed practice because of a death in the family and maybe...I don't know actually, but whatever.

But no free pass to Mike McGraw:

In some ways, a starting backcourt of Kirk Hinrich and Larry Hughes makes sense. Derrick Rose is struggling a bit to catch up on defense and with a brutal early schedule on tap, why not shield the No. 1 draft pick from some of the November pitfalls?

or John Jackson:

Coming off the bench would be a less pressurized situation for Rose -- especially with the Bulls' tough November schedule. He needs to play about 20 minutes a game, and it doesn't matter whether it's in a reserve or starting role.

The same can't be said for Hinrich and Hughes. Both have been starters throughout their careers and I doubt either would be effective coming off the bench.


Hughes and Hinrich was part of a starting lineup that did well on Tuesday, but they didn't do well in the 2nd half, and even if they did well for 12 straight stints it shouldn't matter in determining the backcourt minutes.

In other backcourt news, Thabo Sefolosha had a blistering 2 points in 20 minutes of floor time. I'm sure it's because he's only comfortable starting and getting 30 minutes a game too.

I don't think Ben Gordon is taking extra time with his jammed toe just to prove how much the team needs him. But if he is...point taken.