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Nocioni, Gordon, show different preseason philosophy

Gordon's stubbed toe:

Guard Ben Gordon missed the team's first two exhibition games with a bruised big toe and likely will remain out tonight when the Bulls (0-2) host the Minnesota Timberwolves at the United Center.

Gordon was matter-of-fact when asked about his return.

''Whenever it stops hurting,'' Gordon said.

Nocioni's knee tendonitits:

Specifically, Nocioni did little between helping Argentina claim a bronze medal and reporting two weeks ago for five straight days of double sessions.

"I'm not feeling my best shape right now," Nocioni conceded in his endearing English. "I felt tightness in my knee, so I just needed to rest a little bit and that's it. I feel better."

Nocioni said he'd play Tuesday night

Considering Noc has been absolutely terrible thus far in the preseason, wouldn't you rather he took a Gordon approach and not rush his return?

As much as it'd be nice to see Gordon play alongside Rose and practice the new system in a game situation...heck, he probably figures the Bulls will bench him no matter what. So might as well heal.