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Preseason Open Game Thread #2: Bulls at Indiana Pacers

No local TV or radio tonight from Ft. Wayne, IN. Rumor has it you can catch it on DirecTV or Dish Network through league pass. And there's always those seedy streaming sites on the internets. I refuse to advocate going to these places, but if you find a way there on your own I cannot stop you. As Mike North would say "I'm not sayin, I'm just sayin".

For all Indiana Pacer stuff, go to Indy Cornrows, a fantastic blog that deserves at least the amount readership my crappy blogging does, if not more.

I'd have to guess that anybody who was out for the Bulls on Thursday is also out tonight. I'm itching to see Gordon play with Rose. Beyond that all I'll ask from tonight is for my mind to be put to ease regarding the defense. The Pacers only scored 71 points in their preseason opener (though that was without Dunleavy and Murphy).