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Sam Smith is once again my man

And a man of the people. Most BlogABull people, anyway:

I say it's time for change, with the Bulls, and for myself and Tyrus Thomas.

I vote for Thomas to play, play more and play regularly.

Forget experience.

Tyrus today!


What we seem to have forgotten is the reason we were so high on this Bulls team. Perhaps we were just high? Nah.

It's not because they had a star or a low-post presence or great overall talent. It was because they played hard all the time, they would defend and they could bring waves of young, long-limbed players into the game to defend, disrupt and frazzle opponents.

Those guys were Thomas, Thabo Sefolosha and Joakim Noah, primarily. They all were supposed to be in the rotation.

The Bulls were to be the ultimate better-than-the-sum-of-its-parts team. They still could be.

No, the Bulls don't scare the Celtics or the Pistons, but they've regained some spirit and wins. That had to be the short-term goal. But with plenty of days off this week and then a road trip, it's time to see what the kids can do.

(Side note: The latest edition of Carnival of the NBA is up at YAYSports.)