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Not even sure it could be called a venting thread

I mean, a home loss to the Knicks. Getting outscored  28-12 in the 4th quarter against a team that can't play defense and in most cases simply doesn't find it necessary. You could call it stunning, but the Bulls haven't been playing well lately despite their record, and when you let teams hang around like this, it can happen.

I wasn't happy with Boylan's caving into the Knicks' small-ball by countering with the tiny-ball lineup for too long. But tough to complain too much when Tyrus got plenty of time (ok I will complain, why have him at the three the entire game?), and they were better with him on the court (+6), especially in a first half stint paired with Noah and Gray. But it was balanced with several mistakes, including some poor shot selection and a couple no-chance goaltend tries. Overall though, more Tyrus minutes means good things [Edit: For those who (wisely? heh) avoid the comments section, I'm not saying Tyrus had a good game, just that his time tonight was no indication that he shouldn't be playing], and I credit Boylan for using the quick hook with Nocioni, whose flu game was just like Michael Jordan's, except the complete opposite. Felt the same with his use of Aaron Gray, the hook came at just the right time to keep him effective (if he insists on playing him in the first place).

Down the stretch, Joe Smith was carved up by Zach Randolph,  Gordon completely dissapeared, and the team in general was missing plenty of close shots. Again, this Knicks team cannot guard anybody, and when you do miss there's usually an offensive rebound waiting in your lap. To only score twelve points in a quarter is a team-wide collapse.

In this era of good feelings the Bulls squeaked out wins against crap teams, and it was worrisome. But the reports were that the players were feeling better, and I suppose a lot of fans did too. Maybe now this is another reality check that they're not out of the woods yet, and the Boylan plan of benching Gordon and giving heavy minutes to Wallace (38 tonight) and Smith (34) wasn't really 'working' at all.

Whether anything will work is another question.