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The news that matters is no news

Amongst other stories detailing yet another inept 4th quarter, or Chairman Reinsdorf's versions of the now-forgotten Skiles (I have, anyway), Mike McGraw is gathering all the info and saying don't expect much for the upcoming trade deadline.

McGraw speculates that Wallace is impossible to deal, Tyrus Thomas won't be given away, base-year players Nocioni and Hinrich are tough to trade, and adds the usual organizational nervousness with approaching the luxury tax. With a team this awful I can't blame Reinsdorf, but when Nocioni is listed as one of the prohibitive contracts, maybe that whole deal should be reconsidered.

And while Duhon and Khryapa (free Veektor!) are mentioned as possibly on the way out, not a single mention of Joe Smith? Or will Pax wait until Joe's knees give out before exploring the idea of dealing someone with value?