Noc and Thabo for Nets Garbage?

[From the diaries. This scenario isn't very plausible since it's such a bad deal from the Bulls standpoint, but it's better than hearing that Nocioni's untouchable. -Matt]

Can you say "Salary dump"?

According to league sources, the Bulls have discussed sending rugged forward Andres Nocioni and second-year guard Thabo Sefolosha to the Nets for Bostjan Nachbar, Marcus Williams, Antoine Wright and Jamaal Magloire. There might be other parts in the proposed deal.

The Bulls have been talking to several teams. Their first choice would be to use Nocioni in a package for Memphis big man Pau Gasol, but they're keeping their options open. The Nets, who lost in Sacramento Tuesday night, 128-94, were rebuffed in their advances for Gasol.

If the Bulls-Nets trade goes through, it will clear money for Chicago and put the Nets over the luxury-tax threshold. The Nets have tried to avoid that, but Nocioni, who signed a five-year $37.5 million deal over the summer, would give them a needed dimension.

I'm not at all averse to moving Noc and in the grand scheme of things he's overpaid, but I'm not seeing much purpose to this deal when it comes to any sort of long range plan, short of a complete blow up of the team.

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