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Another problem with the Gordon 6th man experiment

It makes Chris Duhon a starter.

He's 4-20 from the field in this era of good feelings, and in 31 minutes against Orlando he scored one point.

It makes the times where he's out there with Ben Wallace seem self-defeating. And while we'd all like plenty of things to go different with Ben Wallace, he isn't going to the bench.

With the disastrous start that Hinrich had to start the year, it made Duhon's play seem better than it really was. He's still the same player he has been his whole career. A guy who should be a backup point, not a 3rd guard and never a starter.

Gordon's playing well too, but he did so against San Antonio in his final game as a starter. Could be he's just getting off of his usual bad start to a season. I don't think Gordon's a better player off the bench, and it's a stretching my sensibilities to think it was some sort of 'spark'.

But say it is, and then ask what's more important? Gordon 'finding himself' as a bench player? Or keeping Duhon out of the starting lineup?

If you believe both are necessary, then a trade is the best option. And hell if we're supposed to stomach the 'win now in the interim' edict, wouldn't an actual midseason trade for some guard help be a part of that?