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Taking ownership, take two

Sam Smith first broke the story last night that there was an altercation between Noah and Wallace over the latter's attitude during yet another blowout loss on Tuesday. Mike McGraw of the Herald says it occurred during halftime.

In isolation, I don't have that big of a problem with guys not looking all sad-faced every time they lose. They're millionaires and were planning their  upcoming night in south beach.

But that just further shows how ludicrous it was to give these guys say in anything.

Meanwhile, as far as the game's concerned, I watched 2.5 quarters, but it's little surprise that a starting lineup of Duhon/Sefolosha/Deng/Smith/Wallace lacked scoring. Boylan says it lacked 'effort', naturally.Not that Wallace didn't lack effort individually. But it seems the solution is always to throw the same thing out there and hope for the best, instead of changing personnel. 

One other observation from last night was the Ben Gordon at point guard thing (Hinrich was out) was a sad watch, and Gordon/Deng/Noc/Noah/Wallace is 5 guys who can't really, how you say, dribble?

At least the behind-the-scenes stuff is getting interesting.