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Ah, bless the Miami Heat

I think if the Bulls played the Heat in a 50 game series, they'd win 54 of them. Somehow with that group it'd be possible.

Ben Gordon with 24 points on 6 made field goals. Him and Noc with 4 threes apiece. Joe Smith went 9 of 10 from the field.

One of the few opponents where Ben Wallace looks like he has a purpose (Detroit is the other, and...), and he actually dunked the ball a couple times.

But no dunk was more satisfying than Veektor with a reverse (on a bullet pass from Tyrus), followed by Mike Tirico laughing it off only to be chastised by Hubie Brown for disrespecting a pivotal member of the Russian national team.

It was that kind of night, so it'll be a feel-good postgame. Sure, Duhon still sucks and his starting spot should be taken by Thabo (great game from him, 2 in a row) as soon as last week, and the fact that Tyrus only gets a few minutes of non-garbage time is a complete organizational failure that upsets me to no end, but there will be plenty of future opportunities to feel like garbage about this team. Likely as soon as Friday against Golden State.

But for a day or so we can remember a game where a team was endlessly discussed as a disappointment and longshot to make the playoffs, and it wasn't the Bulls.

Even saw Noah chest-bump Wallace after the latter had a nice block. Good times all around.