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This team is a mess

It was all scripted so well. The veterans band together and single out a young insubordinate for further punishment. Everybody on the same page, showing leadership, salvaging the season. Sit back and wait for glowing remarks on your behalf.

But see, if you're going to play this "galvanizing the team" game, it shouldn't be initiated by Griffin and Wallace: someone who doesn't play, and someone who can no longer play (and is known for clashing with coaches himself!). And then have it endorsed by a lame-duck coach.

Oh, and you can't then walk on the floor with this welling of team spirit...and then give up 38 in the first quarter. Lose to the Hawks by 21.

This kind of story can perhaps be told about a great team with a track record of success. But these players have done nothing to earn minutes or power, and not only have they gotten a coach fired but they're now handing out disciplinary measures.

What a joke.