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Since the blog's underperforming, I'll shorten the rotation

Haven't had much reason to write, except for pithy comments. But we need a new thread, after all.

Everything plaguing this team has been exhaustedly talked about, no news of any internal change in the interim.  No real trade rumors to chew on.

Some good news: WSCR reported that Deng (achillies), Noc (flu), and Hinrich (sharing a straw with Noc and also getting the flu) practiced on Thursday. The flu buggers are good to go Friday, but Deng's still a maybe. It's been a week since Deng's played but only 2 games have been missed. So a return against the Sixers would be a pretty lucky break, all things considered. It's pretty frightening to see how much they depend on him, but judging by his history he would've likely disappeared in the 4th against the Knicks as well.

Now to get back to the malaise this team has put most of us under, I'll reiterate: It's bordering on lunacy that Wallace and Smith and Noc are playing so much while Noah and Thomas are playing so little. As much as Tyrus Thomas is a lightening rod for disagreement here, Noah's absence is even more criminal based on this season's evidence.

Um...that's about all I got. Here's an interim quote:

Our main objective right now is to win, but at the same time, for us to win, we need our young guys to play well. I shortened the rotation but I can't kill the veteran guys. It's a long season. The last couple of games, the young guys have been playing a little more and they've done well. I have confidence in them. And they need to step up and help us.

Well good that it's recognized that winning and development aren't mutually exclusive, but why did you shorten the rotation then? [Wait, he wanted to 'do something'. Just like me and this post. Oh, the irony. -ed.]

I'd go on but I'd just be repeating myself.