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It's season preview season

Actually, this started last week in Canada (not distracted by the NFL starting up, they were able to get going early I guess.) but in the coming weeks there should be more and more season previews from people who know the Bulls well enough to say they need a low-post scorer.

Here is one that's better than most and worth the read (I know, it's by a Celtics fan, but apparently not all are mainlining green Kool-Aid). You always get brownie points from me when Ben Gordon is called "clearly one of the most lethal perimeter scorers in the Eastern Conference" instead of "short".

The conclusions are what I think we'll read a lot of: they should win a lot of games, but they may have trouble advancing in the playoffs. Well, sure, playing a good team in a series will be a bigger test than some of the lesser opponents over the 82 game schedule. But while the Detroit series all left a bitter taste in our mouths, next season's playoffs are so far away that this Bulls team may be incredibly different, most likely through some kind of internal development that we currently can't predict. (With any reasonable confidence, anyway, you can take a shot in the comments.)

(hattip: Celticsblog)