Future Preview #1

With just about 1 month to go before the bulls are back in action, its time for the basketball world to start evaluating and predicting how well the teams will do in the upcoming season.

Heres a link of perhaps the first of many of such reviews:

I  think i agree with alot of what is written here, Joe Smith is going to be a starter no matter what anyone says, he should play pjs role well in the upcoming season, and if we are lucky, maybe he will do a better job.

This guy does a great job at picking at the many flaws on this bulls team, however i think he might have been a little too harsh with big ben, i still dont see tyson chandler being able to guard shaq the way ben wallace did. Although it would be nice to see big ben giving the opposing team a reason to "fear the 'fro".

We want big ben, afterall, not gentle ben.

go ahead and take a gander and feel free to write your own previews.

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