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How to become the Sports Guy's new favorite blog

A week after getting the big rub from Bill Simmons as his new favorite Celtics blog, The Shamrock Headband pays homage by being generally uninformed and unnaturally indignant.

And I kind of gag when I say Chicago is the favorite in the East. That basically sums up everything that is wrong with the conference. The Bulls are a nice team - they have lots of young talent and some veteran help. But that should not be enough to get you into the Finals. To win the championship you basically need a superstar - something the Bulls severely lack. The one exception in the last 25 years was Detroit in '04. I suspect that John Paxson is trying to mimic that Detroit team. I would suggest he try to mimic all those other championship teams instead.

So trade for Kobe. I know Luol Deng could become a superstar, but that's a huge gamble. At 22 he certainly can't be qualified as near that stratosphere yet. Meanwhile he and Gentle Ben are about to become expensive, and all of a sudden the Bulls are going to be in luxury tax limbo. What I'm saying is simple - go for it now! I have little faith that Paxson will pull the trigger, ever, because he didn't go after Gasol last year and strikes me along with Rod Thorn as the most gutless GM in basketball. Maybe Paxson's plan will work, maybe Ty Thomas will turn into Amare Stoudemire, but I am sick of Chicago as they are constituted.

As you can see there's a link back to Simmons' trade deadline piece, a column that (in the case of the Bulls) he later half-assedly backtracked on.

And naturally, there's no actual plan to 'go for Kobe', nor an explanation as to how the Bulls didn't go after Gasol (let alone how far to go, for that matter), nor how Gasol fills the need to 'basically need a superstar' exactly. At least he didn't quote the windbag theory of championship-building, but since he can't look up salary cap rules maybe that's asking too much.

As sad as the top of the conference may be (and I think it's actually far better top-to-bottom compared to last year, thanks Celtics!) compared to the West, this reeks of nervousness over his Celtics being challenged. And in this post he cites bad coaching to be the 'more talented' C's undoing, but maybe Paxson has built the better team, despite lack of 'guts'.

Hey, I'm nervous about the Celtics too, so I consider it fair motivation. But if they turn out better than the Bulls I wouldn't expect their fans to feel guilty about their team manifesting what's wrong with the conference with their 'star'-laden team, as we won't if this 'nice' team does the same.

(Man I hope the Bulls pound the crap out of those guys again.)