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Well, somebody noticed. knows how to get traffic. It's the ass-awful days of the offseason so what better time to give 'grades' and have whiny bloggers like me rant about them. I wish I was a stronger man to where I'd realize they're silly.

But I'm not. At least Marty Burns realizes the upgrade that Joe Smith is over PJ Brown (offensively anyway, Brown was statistically abysmal), and remembers that the Bulls are adding a top-10 'NBA-ready' pick in Jo Noah, even calling him an 'elite prospect'.

Besides that and the Gainsville-biased David Thorpe, there hasn't been much buzz over Noah since his wacky draft suit. Sitting out the summer league didn't help, but amid rumblings over what little has been done at the top of the East over the offseason, he's a reminder that the Bulls are at the top of the East and they have done some things.

No, there was no KG deal (and I won't bother reminding Burns or Winderman how near-impossible that would've been this offseason) but the Bulls will need Noah to contribute and all indications are that he's ready. There shouldn't be as much blowhard hype over these lottery guys as there was around draft time, but some of that excitement was for a reason, and the long summer since shouldn't dilute it towards somewhere forgotten.