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Bulls blogging and locker room news, you decide what's more exciting

Ubiquitous commenter HSCS, owner of the thrice-blowed-up-currently-defunct 'Taurine Dream' blog, will now apparently be making posts at Thank You Isiah.

Not news in itself (unless you're as entrenched in this Bulls blogging turf war as I am), but his first post is a doozy, two interviews from a spanish-speaking (Argentine-Argentinean, apparently) reporter inside the Bulls locker room. The first is in Spanish with Nocioni, the other in English with Ben Gordon.

The comment made at TYI is how a video like this differs from the local media's portrayal of the Bulls as 'pouty introverts'. There's evidence to that case, most famously with the Tyrus Thomas dunk contest fiasco (with a special gas can lobbed in the fire by Sam Smith) and the Ben Wallace's headband-and-texting-former-teammates fiasco.  While I've heard Sun-Times beat reporter Brian Hanley stick up for Tyrus in the face of Sam's comments, those two still seem moody at best. Gordon and Hinrich (who Hanley has said ducks from post game interviews quite often) seem pretty vanilla, and while Luol Deng is the great ambassador of basketball to the world he's not exactly lively either. The star of these videos is Nocioni, and he's famously lauded as the jokester already.

So I'd guess the portrayal overall isn't exactly unfair in the relative realm of NBA locker rooms. Sam has said before this group is mostly business, and like him I don't think that's a bad thing.  It's not like we haven't seen the sometimes brighter side of our guys' personalities (Ben and Ben joking after the sweep of the Heat being one example I remember), so being last in the NBA in youtube shenanigans doesn't leave me unfulfilled, as being unlike 'Sheed and the 'Sheedtastics in Detroit isn't necessarily bad. Hell, the Bulls are far more interesting on the court than those guys, and despite what some might say I'd suggest Chicago's one of the most fun teams to watch in the league.

Now of course Nocioni has a clown prince awaiting arrival in Joakim Noah, so I suppose all bets are off. Until then we have Noc and the relentlessly sarcastic Skiles. Who's more my style anyway.