'07-'08 Schedule out

[Commmandeering the original diary. You can read it under the 'read more' if you're interested.]

Schedule just came out, here's the ESPN version.'s has the home/away teams flipped wrong, but you can at least see the national TV games.

The big news is that the annual circus trip avoids Texas: Phoenix, Clippers, Lakers, Denver, New York, Toronto.

(my Dad pointed out - yes we talked on the phone about the schedule right away, so Bill Simmons of me - how odd it is that they didn't split up the games in L.A. over two different trips.)

Anyway I'm sure you're making your game-by-game predictions even though there's months to go before training camp, so I'll do the same: 82-0 and #1 seed.


The schedule will be announced later today but you can see it here:

Start on the road against Kidd then open at home against the 76ers.  Looking forward to seeing some exicting matchups at the UC this year.  I notice many of them are on Thursdays on national tv.

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