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Weekend project: role players who got guaranteed long-term contracts

This is a very unscientific list. I basically went through the salary pages (ESPN trade machine actually, since they had last year's expiring contracts still) and tried to pick out the players who were signed to long-term (4+ years) contracts as knowingly limited players. This kindof leaves out the Sam Dalemberts and Mike Dunleavys of the world who were given premium money based on youthful potential, height, or both. I don't think it's an insult to say that Nocioni has little of either.

The Bulls kindof know what Nocioni is: a quality bench player. He does some things well (3-point shooting, attacking the rim) but is limited. The league is littered with players who had put in seasons as good role players and were overpaid as a result. And it's not as much about the money as the commitment in years. Some of these guys don't make much but still are near impossible to deal because of the remaining length of the contract.

Feel free to add or remove names in the comments. Like I said this was just a glance at the rosters and using my memory to think of how long the contract was signed for at the time, what that player had done beforehand, and what the perceived 'fit' he had when signing the new deal.

Speedy Claxton
Eric Snow
Damon Jones
Donyell Marshall
Damon Jones
Ira Newble
Greg Buckner
Eduardo Najera
Reggie Evans
Austin Croshere
Nazr Mohammed
Adonal Foyle
Mike James
Bob Sura
Vlad Radmonovic
Brian Cardinal
Kenny Thomas
Vitaly Potapenko
Shane Battier
Kyle Korver
Danny Fortson
Earl Watson
Damien Wilkins
Rasho Nesterovic
Matt Harpring
Derek Fisher
Antonio Daniels
Darius Songaila
Etan Thomas
Cuttino Mobley
Tim Thomas
Pat Garrity
Hedo Turkoglu
Juwan Howard
Tony Battie
Brent Barry
Willie Green
Mike Miller

Antoine Walker
Brian Skinner
Mark Blount
Marko Jaric
Troy Hudson
Mark Madsen
Trenton Hassell
Jason Collins
Jerome James
Jared Jefferies
James Posey
Malik Rose
Raja Bell
Kurt Thomas
Joel Przybilla
Shareef Abdur-Rahim
Brian Scalabrine
Damon Stoudamire
Corey Maggette


There are some success stories on this list but not many. Nocioni may have had a better resume than a lot of these guys (he'll also soon be making more money than a lot of them too) but my reasoning behind this isn't that Nocioni is better or worse than the players listed, it's that he fits the profile of the type of player on this list: a long-term financial commitment to a bench player.