38 Million? Damn (UPDATED)

[UPDATE(7/6): Today's trib reports that the Grizzlies aren't willing to get into a bidding war for Nocioni. And that Pax is going against his usual philosophy regarding restricted Free Agents (letting other teams set the market) because of Noc's "value". gag.]

[From the Diaries. I hope this is some ploy by Paxson to get Memphis involved (I'll choose to wistfully ignore this), I really don't see the rush in re-signing Noc, and the more I think about it the less I want him re-signed at all. The problem with signing Noc to a 5-year contract is that he's then untradeable, and it's quite a commitment to the 3rd string PF (lets just assume we get a scoring big man, for kicks, and Noc is behind that guy and Tyrus) and non-Deng SF duty. -Matt]

The Bulls offer Nocioni 38 millionish to resign with the Bulls?

Wow I don't think the Gasol trade is going down because it doesn't sound like the Grizz are trading him. Seems like alot of cash for th Redbull but I would love to see him back. So now it's a waiting game to see if the Grizz match.

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